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2-4 years old

The early years of a child’s education are critical to establishing a strong foundation on which all other learning is built. That is why at The Booker T. Washington Preschool we offer a perfect blend of comfort and challenge for students 2-4 years old. Through purposeful play and innovative activities, our students question, explore, think and solve problems while having a lot of fun!

We also understand every child learns differently, and success comes in many forms as children develop, so we work hard to unlock the full potential in each student. We lay the foundation for academic success by maximizing each child's potential, curiosity and enthusiasm through our engaging curriculum. We explore proven methods of teaching. Our instruction centers on each student as an individual and considers their learning styles, strengths and interests while planning and executing lessons.

We focus on the whole child. Our children spend their days being nurtured in a caring community by adults who know each child as an individual.  We empower our students to learn in ways that best suit their unique learning styles.  We are committed to teaching them how to think and not what to think.  Our hope is to develop critical thinkers. We try to engage their curiosity, creativity and interests so learning is fun and success is inevitable.

Additionally, we teach students to honor, respect and care for one another, while also leading them to be compassionate, responsible members of the school and the greater community. all of our teachers, students and parents know one another.  We spend a great deal of time as a whole school and outside of our school in our East Harlem community.  We are also very committed to making sure our students move on to the very best schools for their primary education.

Enrolling NOW
for ages 2-4 yrs.  We accept private pay, vouchers and we are a 3-K, Pre-K school. 

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