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After-School Program

Welcome to our After-School Enrichment Program at The Booker T. Washington Learning Center, where we have been proudly serving the community since 1987. Our program is designed to provide comprehensive support for children in kindergarten through 5th grade, offering a blend of academic assistance, recreational activities, artistic expression, and family support.

At our program, we understand the challenges that students face in balancing academics and extracurricular activities. That's why we offer dedicated homework help sessions in small groups, led by caring and experienced teachers who are committed to fostering a positive learning environment. Our goal is not just to help students complete their homework but also to reinforce essential concepts and develop strong study skills that will benefit them throughout their academic journey.

In addition to academic support, we believe in the importance of well-rounded development. Our program includes recreational activities that promote physical fitness, teamwork, and sportsmanship, giving students a chance to unwind and have fun after a day of learning. Our art sessions encourage creativity and self-expression, allowing children to explore different mediums and unleash their artistic talents.

Supporting families is a priority for us, and we strive to maintain open communication and collaboration with parents and guardians. We understand the busy schedules of modern families, and our program offers flexibility and convenience to accommodate varying needs. Whether it's updates on your child's progress or discussing specific areas of support, our team is always ready to listen and assist.

One of the unique aspects of our program is our year-round engagement with students through our summer camp. This continuity ensures that students receive consistent support and enrichment throughout the year, helping them stay engaged academically and socially during school breaks. We also prioritize the health and well-being of our students by providing nutritious snacks during our program hours, ensuring that they have the energy and focus they need for learning and play.

Join us at The Booker T. Washington Learning Center After-School Enrichment Program, where we empower young minds, nurture talents, and build a strong foundation for lifelong success.

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